Welcome to the COH Worship Music Ministry page.
We are so glad you came to check us out!  We strive for excellence in Christ, both on stage and in our lives, and our aim is to draw you from the parking lot to an intimate encounter with Jesus.

So you’re interested in joining the Worship team?
We are always looking for experienced musicians, vocalists, and audio video techs to join the COH team.

First Step
The first thing to do is read the Worship Team Policy and talk with God about what we are asking of you.  This is a big commitment and requires time and ability.  Once you have done that, there are three questions to ask yourself.  Talk with God about each of them.

  • What is my motivation? Is it solely to glorify God, or something else?

  • Do I have any preconceived ideas about what this is going to be like for me? (If you do, then you need to let them all go. Come with a servant’s heart.)

  • Am I good enough? At this point you need to read the team audition pages and then re-ask yourself this question. We here at COH Worship strive to bring the very best worship encounter each week and the skill level is high. (We are currently working on an apprentice program, and there may be an opportunity to serve on a team to learn and build your skills.)

After you have explored these questions and visited the auditions page, once again take them all to the Lord and let Him speak to you. 

If you have any questions, concerns or are struggling, don`t hesitate to contact us at COH Worship has many opportunities for growing Worship team members.